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SURYA FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS are the owners of BARTERFORGAIN.COM. We are a dedicated team headed by Mr. C.K.GUPTA, our Founder & CEO, an experienced Engineer from IIT Kharagpur with over 50 years of experience in the field of Business & Industry. He has been associated with a number of Trade Bodies such as KASSIA, CII & FKCCI in the past.
Our Mission is to run the business of BARTERFORGAIN.COM in the most transparent manner and offer our Customers, an honest, sincere & faithful Platform to improve their living standards & by bringing them together for a win-win exchange. At the same time their Privacy is totally maintained by the Website.
Our Mission is to earn Customers’ trust & confidence through personal attention, wherever needed, and our Passion for what we do and our commitment for long-lasting relationship.
Our culture in one line is our sincerity, Honesty & Transparency in all our Dealings.
BARTERFORGAIN.COM is a free classifieds site. You can offer anything for exchange with anything from Clothing to Computers, furniture to Farm equipment, Bicycles to Laptops, Music System to Treadmill and many more items.BARTERFORGAIN.COM is probably the first of its kind of Website where Services can be exchanged for Services as well as Products. Customers can submit ads for free after free Registration. If One wants to exchange something with something shown on the Website, he can do so with just a click of the Button. One will also find interesting items, cheaper than in the Stores.  So do not delay and Start exchanging in the most easy way on BARTERFORGAIN.COM.
To bring back the time tested Exchange Culture to as many Communities & Neighborhoods as possible and in the process, BARTERFORGAIN.COM creating a Cleaner Environment with less of Waste Generation and its Disposal as most of the times Items will be exchanged.
        CUSTOMERCARE@BARTERFORGAIN.COM or Call us at +91 9663250006


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